If You're Failing To Plan For Your Business, You're Definitely Planning To Fail In Business
Written by Suj Legha 
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I know, the headline is an old cliché, but it rings true for me every day when I see business owners who live in the present and give little thought to the future. 
As we approach the end of 2018 and face what is sure to be a turbulent 2019...
Written by Suj Legha
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Without a doubt, some businesses are enjoying an increase in growth on a yearly basis and one might begin to wonder why there is a steady reduction in the profit margin that comes from some industries. It all sounds so...
5 Ways To Improve Your Cashflow...
Written by Suj Legha
social media for restaurants
Too many times I come across a business where they say to me, ‘Hey Suj, I’m struggling with my cash flow. I never have enough money in the bank.’ 

It’s a common problem and the reason for that is sometimes people mismanage their cash flow.  ...

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